Sales and Distribution Manager

is the Sales and Distribution Manager at KAUKO Ltd. With only a few years in operation, the market share of KAUKO products (Inkera and Ingingo) is increasing day by day. Protais is the engine driving this growth in sales.

He graduated with honours in Business Administration, with specialty in Accounts. He is also an ACCA holder, thus a certified accountant. His job career started as an accountant at DNR Partners, an audit firm operating in Kigali. .

He later on served as the director of finance at SONGA Africa, a tour and travel company operating om Musanze District. Protais has contributed to the development of KAUKO’s sales and distribution; always coming up with innovative sales strategies.

In developing the 5 years KAUKO expansion strategy, Protais worked tirelessly with the team under the sales department to new design strategies that will lead to KAUKO’s growth in terms of sales.