As we embrace Made in Rwanda, here at KAUKO LTD, the values for which I chose to venture into a brewery company stand centered on people, integrity, quality, value addition, and customers. They continue to guide our actions and fuel our success.

We’re humbled by the love people have shown our beers; Inkera and INGINGO, something that has continuously delivered strong performance in terms of sales revenues; enabling our company to maintain its growth trajectory. We continue to be optimistic about our future and remain well-positioned for long-term, sustainable growth.

Our ambition remains unchanged. We are consumer obsessed and continue to focus on building industry leading brands people love. This relentless pursuit of our mission has driven our success since our company’s inception and will continue fueling our growth in the years ahead.

As part of our strategy, we continue to evolve our portfolio to align with consumer-led premiumization trends and offer a collection of higher-end brands that meet consumers’ needs. We leverage our consumer obsessed culture to fuel creative innovation and build a pipeline of products with the potential to become big brands of tomorrow.

Our commercial teams work tirelessly alongside our distributor and retailer partners to deliver world-class execution at retail. And our production teams continue to drive operational excellence by delivering the highest quality products in a highly efficient and sustainable manner, to the right markets, in the right quantities, at the right time.

In our 5 year expansion plan, we envision constructing a new brewery in a more spacious place and land has been acquired, totaling to three (3) hectares. We plan to acquire new modern machines, increase the number of workers from 41 to at least 100, and increase amounts of raw materials in order to more than double our production capacity. We also plan to work with more farmer cooperatives. as well as improving our marketing and distribution strategies

My sincere appreciation goes to His Excellence the President of the Republic of Rwanda , Paul Kagame, for creating a conducive business environment where private people like us wishing to do business can now easily work with banks and other supporting organizations.

I also thank so much the local leaders for their unwavering support. I applaud all the workers of KAUKO; they are loyal people to the company.

Finally, I thank my family for always being there for me in good and hard times.

Rubura Celestin
Founder, Managing Director, KAUKO LTD

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