Over the next 5 years, KAUKO LTD will be implementing a project aimed at enhancing farmers’ production capacity, including; bananas, sorghum and ginger all aligned with adaptation to climate change, transforming and expanding the brewery into a green processing facility.


  • Banana farming adapted to climate change ;
  • Established the banana Supply Chain for more than 2000 banana growers and 400 sorghum growers;
  • KAUKO Green brewery constructed with standard equipment that enables them to process the highest quantity and quality of products possible.
  • Introduced new technology in the brewing industry that would utilize locally available raw materials that conventionally are not used for brewing at industrial scale.
  • Installation of a brewery to provide a hygienic, relatively less expensive and high quality banana based beer for the middle and low income alcoholic beverage consumers
  • oKnowledge and technological transfer
  • Market positioning and Export Promotion


  • oEmployment: The project will employ 116 persons directly and over 2000 persons indirectly as farmers’ cooperatives, dealers, agents or distributors.
  • oSocioeconomic: The Government will gain substantially from the project in terms of tax earnings which are estimated at USD1million per year. Foreign exchange earnings, improvement on human nutrition and animal feed supplies. Over 3 tonnes of animal feeds will be supplied per month.
  • oEnvironment: With the new processing technologies and machinery, there will be zero emissions of carbon, and all the waste products are transformed into animal feeds and fertilizers. Waste water is collected and recycled for usage in the production process. Recycled water is also used in the cooling process during the pasteurization and fermentation processes.


  • By 2025, after expansion, KAUKO Brewery’s production capacity will reach 21,000,000 liters per year, under the following four (4) production lines.
  • Product Inkera Ingingo Wine (new) Juice (new) Total
    Quantity(l) 13,500,000 3,600,000 900,000 3,000,000 21,000,000

  • Product Diversification
  •         Inkera: Banana, Water, Sugar, sorghumFlour, Yeast, Sodium Metabisulfite
            Ingingo: Ginger, Water, Sugar, Rosemary, Yeast, Sodium Metabisulfite
            Banana Wine: Banana, Water, Sugar, Yeast, Sodium Metabisulfite
            Banana JUICE: Banana, Water, Sugar,Yeast, Sodium Metabisulfite

  • Automation & Technological Transfer
  • Process stage description Applied technology
    1 Receiving/weighing Bulk weighing scales/measuring equipment
    2 Ripening Done mostly in enclosed rooms to elevate temperatures. The bananas are also often covered with blankets or grass.
    3 Peeling May be automated or Manual
    4 Peeled banana transfer Automated/belt /manual
    5 Crushing/juicing Banana Juice extractor Machine and enzyme assisted processes
    .Juice Quality control (Refractometer, etc)
    6 Enzyme application/holding tanks Tanks to hold juice/ Banana pulp
    7 Filtration Pneumatic/filtration pumps/centrifuge filters will be used
    8 Pasteurization( 70,000L/Day In line pasteurizer
    9 Liquid transfer) Double or single jacked bulk pans
    10 Cooling Volume transfer pump
    11 Fermentation( 70,000L/Day)) Holding steel tanks
    12 Bottle/keg washing Fermentation steel. Roast sorghum flour, honey and/or yeast and/or sugar is added at this stage.
    13 Filling/bottling( 70,000L/D) Bottle washing equipment. This will be done automatically or Manually.
    14 Capping( 70,000L/D) The filling will be done automatically . KAUKO will have an auto filling/bottling line.
    15 Automatic factory made and fabricated capping machines will be used. 13,500,000
    16 Labeling and bar coding Automated labeling
    17 Catering , Crating, Bagging before dispatch - - -


S.N Milestone
.Preconstruction Period
1 Data collection(both primary & secondary data)
2 Preparation of project proposal
3 Seeking for the Project Financing
4 Negotiations and Signing the Financial Close with Investor
5 Processing project’s land acquisition
6 Securing Different Permits (construction permit, Environmental Clearance Certificate, etc.)
7 Procurement of EPC Contractor, and Owner’s Engineer
8 Procurement of Electromechanical equipment and Line materials
9 Civil works construction
10 Procurement of Banana processing plant machines
11 Machines installation
12 Plant Testing & Commissioning
13 Commercial Operation Date (COD)
14 Issuance of Provisional completion certificate to EPC contractor
15 Staff recruitment
16 Final Project Handover & Issuance
17 Banana brewery plant running.


Total cost (US$)
Item Total cost
Value Banana Chain Training 1,250,000
Land 300,000
Infrastructure( Road, Water, Electricity, Etc.) 210,000
Design And Engineering 50,000
Buildings 500,000
Service Equipment 135,000
Transport Equipment 500,000
Plant Machinery Equipment 2,000,000
Office Furniture 510,000
Packaging Materiel (Kegs 1000, And Cans) 800,000
Pre-Prod.Exp. 5,700
Sub. Total 6,260,700
Contingencies ( 5%) 313,035
Total Initial Fixed Investment 6,573,735
Working Capital 800,000
Total Investment 7,373,735
Local Consultant Cost (6% Of Total Investment) 442,424.10
Total Project Cost 7,809,815


Capacity of production 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
INKERA 8,100,000 9,450,000 10,800,000 12,150,000 13,500,000
INGINGO 2,160,000 2,520,000 2,880,000 3,240,000 3,600,000
WINE 540,000 630,000 720,000 810,000 900,000
JUICE 1,800,000 2,100,000 2,400,000 2,700,000 3,000,000
TOTAL REVENUE 12,600,000 14,700,000 16,800,000 18,900,000 21,000,000