Perfectly Brewed INKERA & INGINGO

We brew locally and build community through beer. We make fresh beer for you and everyone you love. Craft your adventure with our favorite brands

Purely Made in Rwanda

Raw materials used in brewing KAUKO beers, including; Inkera and INGINGO, such as Bananas, Sorghum, Ginger etc are locally supplied by Rwandan Farmer Cooperatives

5 Year Expansion Plan

Constructing a new and bigger brewery on a 3 hectares land, acquisition of new modern machines, increase the number of workers from 41 to at least 100, increase amounts of raw materials to more than double the production capacity, working with more farmer cooperatives and expand markets by exporting KAUKO Beers


As we embrace Made in Rwanda, here at KAUKO LTD, the values for which I chose to venture into a brewery company stand centered on people, integrity, quality, value addition, and customers. They continue to guide our actions and fuel our success.

We’re humbled by the love people have shown our beers; Inkera and INGINGO, something that has continuously delivered strong performance in terms of sales revenues; enabling our company to maintain its growth trajectory. We continue to be optimistic about our future and remain well-positioned for long-term, sustainable growth.

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We envision KAUKO becoming to beer of choice that depicts true values of Rwandan culture with a unique shared experience.


Enrich our customers with mouth watering, quality tasting beers; while providing an exceptional level of customer service and support.


We believe in providing individuals with the inspiration to create and enjoy unique shared experiences in their lives. We believe that Rwanda is a happy Country, and that KAUKO beers represents the epitome of Rwandans’ happiness.


To ensure we achieve our mission and vision the team at KAUKO have agreed and signed up to 4 core values that underpin and define the journey we have embarked on.

Quality: Quality is at the forefront of every step that Acorn Brewery takes to ensure every single customer enjoys their interaction with our business.

Identity: We are proud of our brand and products, and we stand shoulder to shoulder as a team and remain proud of our business partners that make KAUKO the brewery it is today.

Passion: We encourage fun, creative thinking and innovation.

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